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 Flanders Engineering Group, Inc. - For all of Your Movable Bridge Needs:

Construction Services-Bridge Balancing:

We work directly for contractors to provide specialized bridge balance services when required during bridge construction. This includes strain gauge balance testing (on electro-mechanical drive bridges), hydraulic pressure balance testing (on hydraulic drive bridges), and full balance calculations. We utilize state of the art high-speed data acquisition equipment and custom software or order to deliver reliable structure information relating to the bridge balance condition. We have provided these services in over 10 states for over 100 bridge structures and have gained a reputation as one of the leaders for providing these services.


Construction Services-Construction Integration and Coordination:

The Flanders Engineering Group provides control integration where we interact with electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic disciplines to ensure integration of all bridge control and drive equipment.  This allows seamless installation of equipment from several vendors and subcontractors through the use of one responsible point of contact, which has proven to be a necessary component of successful bridge commissioning.




Design responsibilities for our company have included simple rehabilitation to full bridge replacements incorporating both hydraulic drive systems (open and closed loop) and electro-mechanical systems.  For design projects, our company typically becomes involved with the post-design service needs of the Owner to ensure a quality installation of the designed systems.  This normally includes review of construction shop drawings, shop test witnessing, field construction inspection, and commissioning.


The Flanders Engineering Group has been heavily involved with movable bridge inspection throughout the country.  Inspection assignments have ranged from simple annual inspections to bridge rehabilitation or replacement pre-construction inspection.  This type of work and our involvement in bridge construction improves our skill sets and aids us in providing more practical design solutions for our clients. 


Construction, Engineering, and Inspection (CEI) for Owners:

Our company offers CEI services for bridge owners for new and rehabilitation bridge projects.  We provide specialized electrical and mechanical oversight during the component fabrication stage, installation, and commissioning.  We perform shop test witnessing and of site test witnessing for all stages of construction.  Our purpose during these assignments is to ensure the owner receives a final product that meets the requirements of the contract drawings and specifications and to aid in any conflict resolution.

Want More Information about the Services We Offer?

​Please contact us directly for a comprehensive list of all projects.

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